An analysis of the effects of discourses on justice for victims of internal child trafficking for sexual exploitation within the United Kingdom. Part 1

Child trafficking for sexual exploitation has been described as ‘the most viscous premeditated form of crime I have come across short of homicide and terrorism’. (Britain’s sex gangs., 2016).

‘the recruitment, transportation, transfer, harbouring and receipt of persons… for the purpose of exploitation’ (Brayley and Cockbain., 2014).

“Young people (often connected) are passed through networks, possibly over geographical distances, between towns and cities where they may be forced/coerced into social activity with multiple men. Often this occurs at ‘sex parties’, and young people who are involved may be agents to recruit others into the network. Some of this activity is described as serious organised crim and can involve the organised ‘buying and selling’ of young people by perpetrators.” Barnardo’s (2011)

They state that regardless of distance, transportation of the child for sexual purposes was involved. Irrespective of the definition being successful in some cases, it is easier for society to follow long standing discourses that trafficking is an international, organised and planned crime which crosses borders than to change these ideas and beliefs (Brayley et al., 2011).



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Janine S White

Janine thrives on bringing into awareness the inequalities and misconceptions of society. Janine hopes of a more tolerant and understanding future for the world